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Posco ChemTech is a core company affiliated with Posco group, specializing in coal chemistry and carbon materials.
Posco ChemTech started from a company specialized in refractory and shaft tunnel and successfully been executing burned lime manufactures..
Recently we operated chemical plant outsourced by Posco and completed the construction of plant for secondary battery anode materials, expanding our businesses covering coal chemicals and carbon materials.Therefore we changed our name from POSCO Refractories & Environment Co., Ltd. to POSCO ChemTech.

As we reformed our business structure, POSCO ChemTech rapidly grew into a company achieving its annual sales of KRW 1.2 trillion in 2011, which was just 2 years after achieving its sales of KRW 500 billion in 2009.
In order to accomplish the greatest vision, “global leading company in chemicals and materials”, we are promoting “Thank U Love” campaign focused on some key activities, “Thank”, “Reading (Up-Grade)” and ‘Service (Love)”.

Through the innovation of business structure and company culture,POSCO ChemTech led chemicals and materials business field one of 4 growing axis, jumping into the greater vision.

A highly admired group takes full social responsibility, A group realizes transparent/reliable and eco-friendly management, A group respects each one of employees 

We will grow into the world’s leading high-add engineering group and a company takes social responsibility to realize the win-win management and enhance the happiness of human-being.


Address: 110 Singhang-ro, Nam-gu, Pohang-si, Gyeongbuk Postal Code: 37918 Website: http://www.poscochemical.com

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